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Won't let me download Maya Student

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Won't let me download Maya Student

Hi, so I have created a student account for Maya and sadly it will not let me use it at all. I've been desperate to use it because I need it for my college work and especially with lockdown in the UK I need it more than ever as I am unable to do much without it as it is my primary modelling software as a game developer student. 


Whenever I go to download it, I get the same message of:


Apologies for the delay. The verification system is currently experiencing a problem. We’re working hard to resolve the issue. Please try again later.


Does anyone have any advice? Thank you so much.

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in reply to: jessica-smith4

contact edu support & see if they are having issues with the website:

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in reply to: Anonymous

Thank you! I will try that.

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I have emailed and still waiting for a response. Any other ideas are appreciated.

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