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Windows 10 associate fbx files with maya?

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Windows 10 associate fbx files with maya?

Is there anyway to make it where I can double click an fbx file and it will open Maya and load it?  If I associate fbx files with Maya it doesn't seem to work as intended. 

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in reply to: mostly_human

Hi @mostly_human


I don't believe so because generally when working with fbx/obj files you want to manually import them to avoid any errors.


Double clicking something to open Maya would only really work with scene files and even then I'd still recommend launching Maya like normal and then manually open the file.



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hi @mostly_human


I'm just checking in again to see if you need more help with this. Did the information I provided yesterday help you?

If so, please click Accept as Solution on the posts that helped you so others in the community can find them easily.



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It used to work perfectly in the past. I would have Unity3D open, and if I wanted to open maya with a particular model already in, all I need do was dbl click the .fbx or .obj in unity's project explorer. boom. done. Not any more though. so what's the deal?

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