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Will Maya run on the new Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max chips

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Will Maya run on the new Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max chips

I am looking to upgrade my current MacBook Pro to the new MacBook Pro 14 inch M1 Pro. I was curious if Maya will run on it as I have heard there are certain softwares that don’t. I would ideally like to trade my current MacBook in hence why I want to know before I go through with that. 

Thanks in advance for any help!

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in reply to: dyland1604

I ran Maya 2020 on a Mac mini. I didn't have any problems with the program. Rendering was about 35% slower.  There is no telling when or even if Autodesk will have a M1 compatible version. But if you are not a heavy user you may be okay. 

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in reply to: Parmenides

That's not an acceptable performance hit. It will add hours to my students' rendering times. Time for another renderer I think at the very least.


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Student here. Which machines(portable or non portable) should I look at. I love the look of a Mac but I need a machine that will work for maya 3d autocapitalize and more.

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in reply to: dyland1604

Anyone know if Maya 2016 will work on a MacBook Pro with M2 chip? Thanks.

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in reply to: gary

Well, Maya will run on the M1, but only under emulation via Rosetta, so even after two years since Apple Silicon was introduced, we're still not getting the full benefit of its performance when running Maya. As to whether it will run Maya 2016, I am not sure, but it seems like a good bet that it would. Perhaps someone else can help here. I am not at all happy about Autodesk's lack of support for the Apple platform and I'm surprised Apple isn't 'liasing' with them more vigorously to get native support. Apple could force the issue by abandoning Rosetta altogether because they Maya wouldn't run at all on the M1 and Autodesk would have to get their act together.

Cathryn Easthope MA BA (Hons) Visual Communication
School of Computing and Digital Technology
Birmingham City University
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in reply to: cathy_easthope

Thanks for the reply, hopefully someone will have some experience running Maya 2016 on the new computers, and whether Maya 2016 would require Rosetta. Hopefully Autodesk will add support soon. It affects the decision to purchase a new computer or not.

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