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Will Maya 2009 Install On Windows 10

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Will Maya 2009 Install On Windows 10


I'm upgrading my computer and the new computer will have Windows 10 on it. Will my Maya 2009 install on Windows 10 operating system?

Thank you.

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Hi @symphonyusavant and welcome!


Unfortunately we no longer support Maya 2009 so I can not say for certain if it will work with Windows 10 or not.


However there is always a possibility that it will be able to run on your machine I just can not test to see if it does on mine.


In case you're curious, here's the system requirements to run Maya 2009 so you can check to see if you're hardware is compatible.



Let me know if you need any more information!






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Thank you for replying. When I upgrade my computer, I will have to transfer my license to it, being that I'm on my last install. Will transferring the license be possible?
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Hi @symphonyusavant


It should be possible since you're only switching machines, however my co-worker @natasha.l may be able to help with some more information!

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I'm running maya 2009 in windows 8.1, and haven't had any issues

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the issue seems to primarily come from that 2009 requires you to use IE to install it but the link it takes you to is dead putting you in an endless loop of trying to install. It may work with Windows 10 but I'll never know because of that one simple error until I can fix it somehow.

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