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Why is IK rigging so rigged?

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Why is IK rigging so rigged?

I am referring to the Maya 2019 version here. Four problems I can identify:

* Even if I have just 3 bone joints, when adding an IK handle, one of the joins is going to move to a slightly different global position. Why is this? This shouldn't be happening, because no matter how you align the three bone joints, it will always be triangulated. Re-adjusting the positioning after IK has been added is also impossible, because moving either the foot/hand or knee/elbow joint, will move the other in some form no matter what. I could set up a conjoined FK rig as well, and I was going to, but that has its own separate sets of problems I will get into shortly.


* Just in general, if something breaks (like parent-constraining an IK controller to the hand/foot bone joint, then pole-constraining the ik handle to the knee/elbow point controller and then moving the hand/foot controller), then pressing Ctrl+z to undo, the undo does not undo correctly and leaves everything broken.


Another case I can identify is when I add an IK handle and the knee/elbow joint does its weird global position relocation for no reason, after Ctrl+z, Maya doesn't undo the repositioning, and I am left with a knee/elbow bone joint that is off whether the IK is connected or not. Add if you undo IK over and over, your knee/elbow bone joint will have moved miles from its initial position, obviously. Two problems in one here! I believe this is because for some reason Maya tries to take into account local positioning when undoing, and instead of saving the previous position in the history, it saves the difference. Why doesn't a change just save the global position in its history instead?


* Parenting hand/foot controller to the IK handle, as I should do, has it move around some other bone joints; namely, I have some foot/hand bone


* To my knowledge, there is no way, without python code, node connections or some other way that is not built in to set up an automated IK-FK snap, so that when I move between the two modes, the limb joints don't snap to different positions, because the two joint types are out of sync, but instead are always in sync. Why is there no feature that does this automatically for you?

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