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Why is Autodesk's Technical Support SO BAD?

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Why is Autodesk's Technical Support SO BAD?

I practically want to know if there is an alternate option to using MAYA considering that it is giving me headaches with stupid problems that I cannot get quick help for. This is a software used for Professional Projects, with deadlines. I cannot just wait around until someone gives me an answer, and then a correct answer!!!!

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I do apologize we did not get to your question within the 30 min you had posted it.  I was not aware of this forum post, as I can't have eyes on all posts coming in.  I did get to this within 24hrs. and hopefully provided you with the solution.  In the future I would advise using your Autodesk Account and under the support section logging a case directly with the Technical Support Team.  We do have a 2 tier system, and sometimes cases do get back logged.  I hope we can better serve you in the future.  Again thank you for your understanding and your patience.  I did try to call you earlier today in hopes we could do a teamviewer session and remotely help you solve any issues you might be having with Maya. 


Thank you.



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Thanks Housein for your reply.

For record's sake- The reply didn't take 30 minutes, it took over 24 hours.


I consider the immediate accessibility of a tech person to address issues in a software package that people use professionally- essential.

Autodesk does not have that. My experience has been that I must call over 20 times to get someone to call me back many, many hours after.

Posting on a thread is frustrating when you need an immediate solution. And I have logged cases before as you suggest - the issue was finally addressed after TWO WEEKS.


Thanks again,


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They prefer it to be consistent with their bloated unstable awful software. 

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