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When I save, the file gets corrupted. (Even though I do nothing)

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When I save, the file gets corrupted. (Even though I do nothing)

This is really driving me crazy. So I have a scene that I have been working on for a week. This scene had no issue at all for a week so far. But since yesterday, all of sudden every time I save the scene it gets corrupted. All of my other files are fine but only the files that I started saving from yesterday having this issue. Why???? I didn't do anything and all of sudden since yesterday this happens to all files that I started saving. So I cannot proceed anything with saving the scene. It doesn't matter if I do Save or Save as... It all makes the same issue. And when I save the file, even though I don't do anything to the file, the file size decreases a little bit. Why is this happening? How can I save my files? I have been working on this huge project for a week and it is time to finalize but I cannot proceed because of this stupid issue the prevents me from saving this Maya scene file. All of my other Maya scenes change their file size when I save as well. They all decrease. But other files I can still open and they work fine. Only this projects file is not opening and having an issue after I save. (Even though I make NO change at all, by the time I save, the file gets corrupted.) I searched and googled for like 3 hours but no solution at all. Does anybody know why? Please help me.

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