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When exporting OBJ my texture file doesn't appear

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When exporting OBJ my texture file doesn't appear

Hello everyone, 
im really new to Maya and learning the basic at the moment. 

I'm building a simple model of a table map, and all i want to do is use a png file as material for a single face and on the others i want to use a solid color as material. I've managed to do this part and i've also used the UV editor to position the png correctly. 

The main problem verifies when i want to export the whole work. 
In Maya my preview is correct, but when i export it in obj or i tried many other file types, the solid color in the model is displayed correctly but the image on the single face results "dark gray" or at least it seems to me that something should be there but it hasn't been exported at the end. 

So my question is, can someone suggest me a fix or helping me getting out of this? 
Thanks in advance! 

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Use FBX instead, with Embed Media enabled.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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You need to make sure the texture is kept besides the OBJ file.

Also if you import the OBJ into a new scene, make sure to enable again Hardware Texturing or the texture will not be displayed.

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Yeah i knew it was a simple solution! 
It worked, thanks a lot. 

Thanks to @mspeer also for suggesting!


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