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What the is the problem with xgen!

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What the is the problem with xgen!

Can whoever wrote this program please fix the millions of bugs it has! My god what a pain in the ass this program is to work with! I appreciate the interactive grooming feature but id rather you just fixed everything thats wrong with it first. I have had to redo and redo and redo so many grooms because of this. The fact that you have to have everything just right from file path naming conventions to only opening maya from the start menu? and that's just to get it working (if you're lucky) then live in fear of closing your scene because the inevitable broken groom once you re-open maya. What the hell how is this industry standard software! Please fix it before i smash my computer screen in when my eyebrows dissapear yet again after applying a displacement map to a completely separate mesh.




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Hi @jacob.fba and welcome to the community!


Xgen, like many features in Maya, is an extremely complex beast. I'm sure you've seen how powerful xgen can be and the amazing results can produce that we love to see in movies, games etc.


That said making something this complex requires a lottt of coding, algorithms etc. and if we go to fix one feature, it may wind up breaking 10 different ones. Its a constant battle for our dev team as they want to provide the best experience and tools possible but sadly can't hotfix every issue.


While it can be frustrating, its why we at Autodesk are here as well as all of your fellow Maya and xgen users on these forums and across different art sites across the globe. Everyone has issues or problems they want help with and we'll always strive to provide the best help we possibly can.


I hope this helps clarify xgen a bit but feel free to ask me for more information :).

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Totatally agree on that. This thing is still buggy as hell. You just need to constantly make copies of your working file to save at least some progress. Or buy another plugin to use within Maya.

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