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what software is best for deep dive data recovery.

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what software is best for deep dive data recovery.

I took my failing laptop drive to geek squad. They were able to recover some autodesk maya files and adobe files, etc, but the files aren't recognized in the aforementioned programs when I try to open them it says file not recognized. Additionally when I open the Maya files in a text editor it displays gibberish instead of the coherent ascii data associated with maya files with the file extension .Ma. Can anyone recommend a software or computer recovery company that is familiar with recovering autodesk data so that it is usable in the program once again. The initial problem was that the drive had a boot image error and didn't recognize windows to start up so I believe the data may be intact if someone knew how to look for it.

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Based on the data this does not seem to belong to a Maya file.

At this level of corruption the data may not be recoverable.

There are several places where something can be destroyed and not everything can be recovered.

It's hard to tell what happened to you, but if this is the final state of a file recovery then it looks as if the files are lost.


A professional company for data recovery may have more luck, but this is not cheap and there is no guarantee that the files can be restored.

I recommend to look for a company dedicated to data recover at your location as you need to provide the hard disk.


"the drive had a boot image error and didn't recognize windows to start up so I believe the data may be intact"

- Not sure what you mean with boot image error and i don't know anything about your system and how it's set up and configured, but partition related errors or hard disk failues can easily make your data unreadable.

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I had lost my data and that time i tried CAT, and it was the right desicion. CAT Data Recovery software is a highly efficient and easy to use data retrieval software that may be your best shot at restoring lost data. It is perfectly compatible on Mac and windows.
This software The software can recover 300+ file types also it offers smart Features include deep scan and preview. See more details about this software here

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I assume that part of the file could not be returned to its original form during the restoration. In other words, the file data is incomplete, and it has become broken, which is why the program does not recognize it. The reason for this may be inept data recovery. This process requires high accuracy and understanding of the program. If the specialists did not pay attention to some features of your files, then, in theory, the recovery process was disrupted. I advise you to contact the HDD RECOVERY service. I had to restore my computer's hard disk, on which there were several terabytes of video material.

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