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What is the difference between aiStandardSurface and Standard Surface?

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What is the difference between aiStandardSurface and Standard Surface?

What exactly is this Standard Surface material?
Does it do anything special compared to Lambert?




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One is the standard shader for Maya and one for Arnold. But they are the same Shader.

If you create the Maya one it gets automatically converted for Arnold during Render Time.


Its the new default shader for maya. There are two cause some Studios dont install Arnold.


Here is the source for materialX

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Thanks for your answer, I found it helpful to understand along with Github and Maya 2023 help, it confirms that it is a standard material since 2023, and I'm glad to see it is now a common material from 2023.


I felt the time passed so fast, as I am familiar with Lambert, which I have been using since Maya 2017. It has been 7 years since then.
I assigned a standard material to each primitive in the same scene, including Standard Surface, AiStandardSurface, Lambert, and Phong, and rendered them in Arnold in Maya 2024.1.

render01_with directionalLightrender01_with directionalLightrender02_with aiSkyDomeLightrender02_with aiSkyDomeLight

Visual results
  • Standard Surface looks more PBR-like with a richer representation in reality.
  • AiStandardSurface is a standard material in Maya Arnold but looks whitish and flat.
  • Lambert reminds me of PS3-era materials.
  • Blin has a metallic look and there are reflections, it seems to be the darkest color of these materials.
  • Phong seems to be a glass-like material with no visible inside.


So I think I will accept Standard Surface from now on!


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in reply to: amaterasu-qbb


standardSurface materials are very interesting to exchange inside USD and FBX.
Difference is not visible except default glossiness is 0.2 in aiStandard and 0.4  in standard, you can jump from one to another.
I use Iray and Arnold, both are rendering the same standardSurface, thats great.
my only claim is standardSurface export to USD remove native bumpd2 node so loos de normal map.... 

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