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What is "Maya Terminal"?

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What is "Maya Terminal"?

I am now trying to open Maya2020 on MacOS Big Sur. However, I get an error and cannot open Maya.


I did some research on the error of not being able to install Maya on a Mac, and the following WEB site was displayed. start-tray-and-vanishes-Maya-does-not-start.html


This web page told me to click on "Maya Terminal". But when I opened the Autodesk folder in the Applications folder on my Mac, I couldn't figure out what "Maya Terminal" was.


What does "Maya Terminal" mean?


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thanks for your post. The "Terminal" is a command prompt window on the MAC to enter code. Here is more information how to open the Terminal on the MAC: How to open the Terminal on MAC.


Since you mentioned this article: Maya does not start on macOS, after opening the Terminal on the MAC, you can copy paste this line of code into the Terminal window: 


launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.autodesk.AdskLicensingService.plist


This will manually start the Autodesk Desktop Licensing Service, which can help to solve launching issues with Maya on the MAC.


Looking forward to your reply, if this helped to solve the issues.


Best regards,


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