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what is Constrain / Rivet Command ?

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what is Constrain / Rivet Command ?


Is this mel? Is it python?
How can I use the "Rivet" function as a command? I am looking for it as much as possible. Thank you for letting us know about the relevant site, documentation or references.

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What are you trying todo?

Im not sure but i think rivet is not a maya native command. Its an old script.


The old way todo it is to use folicles.

And the new Maya2020 is the pin node.

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I've been trying to figure out how we can call the rivet constraint via Python (or Mel) as well. The script editor feedback seems less than helpful with a simple "Command.execute()" listed in the log.

As far as I can tell, it looks like scripting a rivet requires the user to step through generating and connecting the complete node graph on their own:
  - generate an extra shape node (to act as Orig version)
  - create a locator to act as the visual representation of the pin
  - add a uvPin node
  - find what uv the selected geometry component is attached to, and enter its coordinates into the uvPin coordinates
  - connect the world mesh output from the Orig shape into the uvPin Original Geometry port
  - connect the world mesh output from the standard shape into the uvPin Deformed Geometry port

This is not great and seems prone to some error. I'm hoping that Autodesk will wrap this feature up properly and have it callable at some point.

Perhaps I'm wrong however, and this functionality already exists in a form that we can call directly? Please give a shout if you know of this somewhere...!

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