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What are some good courses to get started in Maya?

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What are some good courses to get started in Maya?

I got the monthly free trial for Maya and I want to start learning 3d modelling and animation. What are some good courses to get started? I'm happy to pay money for something good .

I heard elementza was pretty good and it's not too expensive either, there were also some Udemy courses and I'm wondering if they would be worth doing?

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The Gnomon workshop has a good beginner’s course and the instructors are working professionals. 

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Hi @jirkalboron 

I would first recommend the Maya Learning channel and AREA courses here, but it really depends on the specific workflows you are interested in. Over the years my team as sponsored a fair amount of Maya educators to produce learning content, here are a few below:

Hope this helps, and good luck with your 3d journey 😄 


Hagen Deloss
Community Manager | Media & Entertainment
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i bought a tutorial video i can give you access to, bought it a while ago, unless thats frowned upon, but i have no more use for it

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I would take Hagen's advice and first determine what the course is for, i.e. practical goals. As basics, you can try kinda this 3D Maya Animation - Free Course Then go deeply with the courses, recommended above by Hagen, developing and focusing on the skills yougonna get for achiving your goal. I mean if you want to designing video games then develop skills for that . If the "soul is striving to" science and the production of educational animation such as SAAS explainer video for instance then look at what trends are there and what skills are in demand there. If you plan career in cinema then look at what artists are in demand by studios. I`d suggest also to look for the practice from the very beginning. Taking some courses with workshops or classes with a mentor who will give feedback.

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