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What are QT and QT Events? (Understanding the Profiler)

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What are QT and QT Events? (Understanding the Profiler)

Hi! So recently the time it takes to save my Maya file has increased. (From about 4~ish seconds to 12-15 seconds) I decided to use one of my favorite tools, the Profiler, to try and figure out what's taking so long. Unfortunately, I don't fully understand everything in the Profiler, specifically QT events. Here's a screenshot of the results from a Profile recording. All I did in the recording was save the scene. 


Saving the Scene capture from the profiler.Saving the Scene capture from the profiler.


One of the biggest events here is called "QtKeyPress." Selecting it gives me the info: "QtKeyPress | Duration: 12 s [Avg: 6.25 s] | CPU: 14 | Thread: 17972" There are two of these stacked on top of each other, happening at the same time. 

So my questions:
What is Qt? I searched and searched and it's referred to a lot in documents and discussions, but nothing I can find tells me what it actually is. Searching for QtKeyPress gives me even fewer results. What does it stand for? It's clearly very important because whenever I use the profiler, there are a lot of Qt events. 

I'd really like to know as much as I can, I really want to have a decent understanding of this sort of thing, so any information or starting points would be excellent. Thank you!

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QT is the library in which Maya's interface is built. Mainly used for several graphical user interfaces, as far as I know.
QT events are the way QT handles actions that have occurred. In example, there will be an event everytime a mouse button is pressed/released , certains key is pressed, when a windows is closed, etc, etc.

So I guess It's completly normal seeing some of those event when we are doing some kind of general debugging.
What I'm not sure is about that 12 seconds long in the Qt profiler.

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