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Weird behaviour creating poly planes/cubes in orthographic side view when Z is set as up-axis.

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Weird behaviour creating poly planes/cubes in orthographic side view when Z is set as up-axis.

I have had this issue for years now and I figured I randomly pressed a button once which messed this up, couldn’t figure it out and have since learned to live with it. With the MacOS Monterey update Maya ended up not wanting to boot anymore, so I had to clear all my preferences and I figured ”hey, maybe this will finally fix that weirdness”. Nope!
At first I though it worked, but when I set my main settings back the issue returned, and I figured out when/how.

It only occurs when the up-axis is set to Z. When I set Y as up the issue is gone. Since I mostly use Maya for 3D printing, having the Z be up is highly preferable to me.


The issue itself is a weird one, when I create a polygonal plane or cube it works as expected in top, front and perspective views. So I click-drag to make a shape in the desired spot and size, the first click being one corner of the shape, and where I let go of the mouse button being the opposite diagonal corner.
But if I click-drag in the orthographic side view it acts weird, the first corner doesn’t stay where I clicked, it moves in relation to the movement of my mouse. Almost like the click would be the center of the shape instead of a corner, but not quite. It is tied to 0.0.0 so I can kind of predict how it will form, but it is difficult to work with.

This is a screen capture where I demonstrate the issue to get you a better idea of what I'm talking about:


As stated, switching the up axis to Y ”fixes” it (the issue doesn’t move to a different view), but I would like to keep Z as up.
Any ideas on what is going on and how to fix it?
Like I mentioned, I have been experiencing this for years, so it's not a specific MacOS or Maya version issue, and clearing all my preferences also didn't help. I can’t imagine I’m the only one using Z as up, so a simple bug seems unlikely, since more people would have encountered it over the years.


Any insight in what's going on here?


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