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Warning: Face X has coincident guides (Xgen)

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Warning: Face X has coincident guides (Xgen)

I have been stumped with this issue for at least a week now. I have the hair looking exactly as I want it, and yet that warning persists, which I'm guessing is why it crashes whenever I try to render it.


The thing is, I've tried to find the exact faces that it's talking about, and in the process I found out how to display the face IDs, but to no avail. There's actually no guides attached to those faces.


The thing is, I'm actually quite particular about the overall look, as this is my first serious Maya project, and will reflect my overall skill with the use of the program. This is why I've decided to use the method of starting with 'XgenOld' in order to manually place the splines in order to get the most accurate shape, then turned them into curves, and back into splines for use with Xgen interactive groom.


Upon searching the error on Google, I found one thread that suggested reducing hair count, but to me that sounds like a corner cutting method, as it would force me to alter the end look of my hairstyle.

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I had same things like you before,but I'm found out the solution.
1.Check you script editor:warning: line 1: XGen (2): Face XXXX has coincident guides [2164,1547]
Now need to do,found the face ID and select.
2.copy this code to the script editor:select -r AAAA.f[XXXX];

3.Replace AAAA with your Xgen shape name.  Replace XXXX with your warning face id.
(for example):select -r polygon1.f[12345];
4.crtl + enter, to the view press the "F" and found out the warning face. your guides and delete.

6.Then recreate the guides for that area.
Hope to help you.

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