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Viewport 2.0: Basic, cheap refraction effect?

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Viewport 2.0: Basic, cheap refraction effect?

Hello Maya community - reaching out because I can't find an elegant solution to this.

I want to create a refraction (or refraction style) effect that runs in real time in Viewport/hardware 2.0 - i.e. I want a simple material that warps light/image behind it (great for water, ice, etc)

I have tried Stingray PBS materials and not got anywhere satisfactory, then I tried the Direct 11 Shaders and I got a little overwhelmed, try as I might, all that visual shader stuff confuses me immensely.

In a much older post many years ago on the Maya forums, someone did it perfectly, and it looked great, but seemingly no explanation or hope they're still about

So - any viewport 2.0 buffs in here know a way of making this work? (Realtime is key here)

I'm convinced it can be done, I just need the help of Maya lovers!


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