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Various issues with Maya Autodesk 2023

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Various issues with Maya Autodesk 2023


I am currently working with the program MayaAutodesk 2023.
I am contacting you because of various errors / problems that I have encountered in the program MayaAutodesk 2023. I have already done everything in my power to fix these errors myself. Among other things I have already reinstalled my program. However this did not fix the errors and I can no longer help myself.
I will describe them in the following the biggest problems as exactly as possible and also attach screenshots of the errors from MayaAutodesk 2023 to this message. I hope you can help me with my problems, and possibly give me direct solutions.

1. problems occur in my program when working with the Multicut tool - the shapes I originally created are distorted and changed by the program when I work with it, which is counterproductive for my work. It is imperative for my work that the shapes I originally created remain and do not change.
2. my program sometimes duplicates Edges and Faces.
3. my program creates different sets from time to time, although this is not desired by me. However, I could imagine that this problem is due to my settings.

Thank you in advance already for your help! I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
With best regards

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in reply to: rudloff_franzi

I just downloaded 2023 and within the first hour, I've experienced the following.


1.  Selecting an axis of the move manipulator won't highlight that axis.  I have to exit the move tool and reengage it to be able to select the axis I want to move along.  And the little popup window doesn't work at all!  Can't select the attribute to edit.  Just junk!


2.  Extrude won't switch to world space when clicking on the space icon.


WOW, is Maya2023 this bad?!  Is there no longer any QC before releasing a version?

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in reply to: mcw0

Suddenly, the extrude space switch icon is working!

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in reply to: rudloff_franzi

With each version of Maya, we lose more and more of the ease of use functionality.  And once they're gone, we have to adapt to a clunkier way of working.  And in time, we forget how good it used to be.  I still remember when you could rename a node and then use the arrow keys to go in any direction to rename the next node.  Not any more.  We lost this a few versions back.  Still irks me!

And now, there seems to be some irritating proximity thing for the manipulators.  Really a PITA!!!

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