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UVs are stuck in place

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UVs are stuck in place

My UV's are stuck. Just a moment ago they were fine I was able to move everything and its only after I sewed and connected some of the UVs that I couldn't move them. I've already tried Unpinning everything to see if that was the issue but I still can't rotate, scale, or move. Thank you for the help!

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Select faces, edges, verts or Uvs to move with the move tool.

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I've already tried moving them with the move tool int the UV editor tool bar and with the key. I also tried moving the verts but nothing. Also, do you happen to know why MAYA is continuously crashing on me? It's every time I UV edit. I'm wondering if its an issue with the plugins.
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Try on a new scene, if problem persists reset preferences.

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how's the general file history when you crash?

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I imported the model onto a different scene and the crash stopped. I UV edited and it didn't crash. Though I have noticed in the past that Maya will crash when I'm applying a material after I've finished UV editing, not exactly sure why that is.

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