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UV Shell Transfer ISsues

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UV Shell Transfer ISsues

I've tried every recommendation to get a UV shell transferred from on mesh to another identical topological mesh, and maya keeps either crashing, freezing, or processing and failing to make the transfer. 


I spent hours trying to start a rig and animation from the ground up, in order to have a revamped UV shell on a new mesh, but it's ridiculous that I should have to do that. I've read up and tried various settings on attribute transfer, but nothing. I've deleted preferences, I've reinstalled maya, I've checked my harddrive and system for errors and made sure I have updated software. 


The UV unfold tool in maya "sucks - for me". It doesn't work. When trying to go to zbrush and import, the transfer also doesn't work between identical models with zbrush's model being the one with an updated mesh. 


I don't get it... It seems pretty straight forward, and yet, I'm wasting hours to try to do something basic. The time costs is huge.


Or, am I wrong altogether...can UV shells not be transferred?

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This should be an easy task. But Zbrush does all kind of strange stuff to meshes.

Could you upload the two objects here?

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I'll try to get something to you. Will ask whether I can share, since it's for a project I'm on. What has become a suspected issue is that this could be because the character is already rigged. Is that still an issue in maya, where uv'ing post rig is an issuue. I tried to even make a hackish shell from scratch on the character, and rig broke, and then I was unable to reskin (system kept crashing)... Seems like this could be an issue thatis beyond me...

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Maybe do it the other way around. Just bind the new mesh to the rig. 

Copy over the skinweights.

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Thanks! As a follow-up, there seem to have been a number of issues. The transfer between zbrush and maya issue is still unresolved. When I attempted the suggested way (which I had tried and failed beforehand), I realized that there were two rigged animated characters in the scene (one hidden), and the connections weren't severed. Once I deleted one character and broke connections on the other, and cleaned up the namespaces disorganization, I was finally able to basically just skin the mesh to the rig. However, I'm now faced with a problem of retargeting/remapping, since the animation scene I created, is disconnected. Any suggestions? I've rebaked each component motion of the scene clip on different tracks. I used remap on time editor, since HIK doesn't seem to have saved anything. I have a backup scene if I messed things up with breaking connections, but that would bring me back to my initial problem...All in all, I spent another day in maya trying to replicate the quality of UV map for my character, which to be up front, has too many polys and skulpting has made it a difficult UV map to work with (learning moment)...maya just couldn't deliver the same with unfolding and optimization. 

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