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UV Problem When Model Is Imported Into Substance Painter

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UV Problem When Model Is Imported Into Substance Painter

Hello, for a while I have been having a very odd and frustrating issue with substance painter. It is hard to describe, but whenever I import a model I have unwrapped, one single UV on it will stretch all the way across the UV map. Every single time it will do this, regardless of how the model was unwrapped. It does not have this stretched UV inside maya, as shown in picture 3. Only after importing into Substance painter. This stretched UV produces some annoying effects when texturing the model. Please, any help would be appreciated.

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hi @FelineDoggo 

make sure the model doesn't have stretches by turning on UV distortion 


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Thanks, but I get the one single UV stretching across no matter how the model was unwrapped. Though thanks for the tip.

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in reply to: FelineDoggo

I had the same problem and just figured it out.

That is because the UV is going on another UV tile map.

Just keep the UVs on a single UV tile map and you shouldn't have this issue anymore. 🙂

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