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Use round corners in Arnold to bake a normal map

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Use round corners in Arnold to bake a normal map

I am new to arnold so please bare with me.


  1. I have a aistandardsurface
  2. I have a round corners node plugged in on a cube.
  3. but now I want to unwrap the uv of that cube and somehow bake those rounded corners on a normal map.

Can someone share a step by step guide on how to achieve that?


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I added a aiutility node incorrectly as its not passing through the round corners.

Though I changed some of the values so it renders out some type of normal map. 

the render though only shows half the range? the rest of the cube is in black.

How do I get the full range and make it so it looks like a proper normal map?


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Thanks for posting!


This documentation page should be helpful: Render Selection to Texture - Arnold 5 for Maya




Faline Custodio Da Silva

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Its ok I figured it out at the end.

Thanks for sharing,

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in reply to: Mike_Isaakidis

Hi mate, I don't suppose you're able to share your final result for this? I'm looking to find the same bevel round edge texture bake solution. Thank you ☺️

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