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Use lightness information on a texture to drive attributes (position, rotation, scale)

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Use lightness information on a texture to drive attributes (position, rotation, scale)

Not sure if it's understood correctly, but here goes. I created a set of 3D cubes in After Effects, covering the screen (a grid of 16x7 cubes 120x120) and set an expression so that a background image controls their Z position, scale and rotation. The way it works is that I have a layer with a B&W animation, then each cube has an expression that samples the luminosity of that layer at the specific XY coordinates it's in, converts it to a value, and have that value drive the Z position. I attached a video of the results.
Problem is that it slows down After Effects a LOT (it seems to choke when having too many 3D objects at once), and takes forever to render (that particular preview at 1/3rd resolution took about 2 and a half hours), so I created a new version in Maya which is easier to animate and looks great rendered with hardware render, which is VERY fast. I have it working, but in the current version I have to animate the cubes by hand. I'd like to automate it with a texture like I had it in After Effects, but not sure where to start.
To make it short, this is what I need:
Have a texture the size of the screen (ok) -> Sample luminosity at a specific point on that texture (this is where I'm stumped) -> Convert that to a value (same) -> Use that value to drive different attributes of a 3D object (position, rotation and scale, I guess with set driven key would work once I have the value).
NOTE: My first idea was to use displacement maps, but I want to be able to render in hardware for the speed and doesn't support them.


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