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USD workflow

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USD workflow

hi folks,


i don't need USD because i'm "only" teaching. i'd like to understand the basic process for an individual like myself. i'm familiar with USD export and import, and with the new menu under "Create". what i'd like to understand is this:


a) i have a scene with arnold shaders, a light, a NURBS and a polygon surface, an animation.

b) i export this scene via the export menu to a USD file with the arnold and animation options activated.

c) i create a new scene

d) via Create → Universal Scene Description → Stage From File ... i load the formerly exported file into maya.

e) the scene looks okay, but the shaders look odd. when i expand the outliner shape hiearchy i can see, but not pick the geometry.

f) how can i now continue working, say on the NURBS surface?



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Hey Max,

Do you have a sample scene? There is a lot to unpack here. Arnold shader export is handled by arnold-usd provided by mtoa which extends mayaUSD. They maintain an open source project here and they could fill you in on more details for Arnold shader export. The current level of support will depend on the complexity of your shading network.


As far as not being able to pick the geometry, what versions of Maya and Maya USD are you running?


Finally when you say "continue working on the NURBS surface", what type of operations are you hoping to do?

The Maya USD plugin is maintained as an open source project and the following link is the best place to get your questions answered (As well as grab the most current version of the plugin). 

Senior Product Owner of Rigging at Autodesk

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