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Unwanted Renderlayer after Duplicate Special

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Unwanted Renderlayer after Duplicate Special

Hi Folks,
For a while I am wondering about unused duplicates of render layers that don’t appear in the “Render Setup Editor” and result in unexpected errors during batch rendering or render setup.
The layers can only be seen in outliner when “show DAG Objects Only” is turned off and “Display Render Setup nodes in editors” is turned on in the “Render Setup editor”.
After some testing, I was able to localize the problem in the Duplicate Special tool and I was able to reproduce the bug in a fresh test scene only with some boxes and one single render layer to cancel out other factors.
The render layer has an override on the visibility of one box.
If I use “Duplicate Special -> Duplicate with input graph” on the box it duplicates the selection as expected, but also the whole render layer. The new render layer doesn’t appear in the “Render Setup editor”, but only in the Outliner.
It’s very difficult to delete the added render layers without destroying the whole scene.

Has anyone an idea whats wrong or a clever workaround?


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