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Unrendered Square in all renders

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Unrendered Square in all renders

So I came back to Maya Institutional Edition after a few years and I am getting this huge problem. No mater how many renders I make, all of them end up with an unrendered square on top of my models, staying even after I save the file as a .png...

I have a Radeon 5500 XT and 16 GB of RAM  just in case that could be the problem, but I doubt it.

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Hello @diego.barradas,


thanks for your post and bringing this back to our attention. There is also this post in the Forum, regarding the same topic: Arnold CPU render will not complete. Leaves one blue square. Please Help. I'm desperate.


From my experience, the issue happened in the Maya render view - while the Arnold render view does not show the problem: Unrendered squares are left in the Maya render view when rendering with Arnold in Maya.


After updating to Maya 2022.3 and updating Arnold to the latest version (MtoA, the issue was gone.


The unrendered square looks nasty in the render view, but saving the rendering from the render view or opening the temp file that is automatically saved to disc (in the Maya project structure at images) when rendering, shows the complete image.


Hope this helps!

Best regards,


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