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Unrecognized node type: timeSliderBookmark

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Unrecognized node type: timeSliderBookmark

I'm a student currently working in the educational license for Maya 2023 (which conveniently does not get me any support) so I've come to this forum for help.


I've been doing animation for one of my classes and have been using lots of time slider bookmarks to keep track of each animation I do. Currently, the file has about 850 frames of animation, to give you an idea of size. About 85-90% of the time, when I open my file to continue working on it, Maya will take about 15-20sec to load, then report this:

"Unrecognized node type 'timeSliderBookmark'; preserving node information during this session."


After it gives me a warning for each bookmark in the file, I can work on my file as normal, but all of my bookmarks are gone from my animation timeline (due to Maya not being able to recognize or read it).


At present, to fix the issue, I've either re-loaded the files until it happens to open properly with the bookmarks intact, or worse comes to worse, figure out where each animation starts and ends in the file and rewrite all of the bookmarks I previously had. Usually, this keeps them intact for a little while.


If anyone has any information on how to either get Maya 2023 to re-instate the bookmarks (since in the warning it says it preserves the node info somewhere) or has a solution to solve this problem, any info would be helpful! I'm trying to avoid splitting up the file into multiple files, but it's looking like that may be my only true workaround at present.

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