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Unable to render in Maya 2020 with default render engine as well as Arnold 6

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Unable to render in Maya 2020 with default render engine as well as Arnold 6

The error which I get while rendering any scene via any camera is : 

Warning: [gpu] variance_filter ("defaultArnoldRenderOptions@variance_filter") not supported on the GPU //



Error: [aov] no valid output statements found: could be a progressive render without a display window //



These are the two errors occured when I try to render my scene in Maya 2020.


*Summary: When rendering a scene either I get a grey screen or sometimes nothing is displayed on the render window of default maya render engine  as well as Arnold. I have updated all my drivers of GPU as well as Windows and also Tried to uninstall the complete setup of Maya 2020 along with mother files and reinstalled everything, But yet I am facing the same issue and also unable to use the IPR either in Maya 2020 default render engine or Arnold Render, When ever I try to use IPR most of the time Maya crashes and shuts off. I am confused even having the back of powerful GPU yet am getting this trouble. I hope to get a solution for this. Thank you in advance.


Software details -


Maya 2020

Arnold Core 6.0.0

MtoA version : 4.0.0

Windows : 10 (64Bit)


Hardware details -


CPU : Intel core i9-9900k

GPU : Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070




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I also encountered this problem which prevented me from trying Arnold noiser

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The variance filter is not supported yet on Arnold GPU.
noice requires the variance filter.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: hirofax636

Although the questioner may not require this response three years later, here is an experience sharing for the issue.


I'm a VFX student here, and I recently ran into a similar issue:
Warning: [gpu] variance_filter ("defaultArnoldRenderOptions@variance_filter") not supported on the GPU //


Rendering worked smoothly at first, however when I reset my device and tried to render again, the problem surfaced.


Fortunately, I was able to find a non-expert solution to the problem. I've tried changing the render filter (in Render Setting > Arnold Renderer tab > Filter) from 'gaussian' to another such as 'box'. The problem then resolves itself.


*I'm still not an expert or skilled in this field. I'm only trying to provide some clues for others to solve the issue. I hope you find it useful.


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