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Transition from 3DS Max to Maya

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Transition from 3DS Max to Maya

Hey there, I'm new at Maya and as I study it gets more and more familiar but. How can I make a faster transition? I have 3 years in experience working in 3DS Max and I need to learn Maya the fastest way that I can. I just want to find some way to apply the things I know from 3DSM to Maya. Any ideas can help a lot!

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Hi @owaloshodi ,


There is a 101 "how to get started in Maya" course here, but it sounds like there might be some redundancy there since you know 3ds Max a little, might be worth a browse anyway. Overall the principals are the same, but no stack in Maya 😞 


The Maya Learning channel has some awesome content on it, the link is to playlists so you can narrow down your focus. Pluralsight (a little dated though) and Udemy have some $$ courses that I hear aren't bad as well, if you want a more guided experience. 

I should mention, as silly as it looks, there is now a new in-product, guided "Maya bot" tour of some of the features in Maya, and it might be fun to look at that as well. It might seem a little childish, but i kinda love it! To go to it, click the upper right home icon > Getting Started > Start Interactive Tutorial. 

Do you have a specific interest in modeling, texturing or animation? Once you get started on the basics, happy to provide more focused learning content that we have.

Appreciate you coming to the forums with your questions!


Hagen Deloss
Community Manager | Media & Entertainment
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