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Torn off panels not staying open on restart.

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Torn off panels not staying open on restart.

I've created some custom workspaces that work well for GUI layouts; However, one frustrating issue is torn off panels do not load with the custom workspaces.


On top of my custom shelves, everyday I have to tear off tool panels such as the  Edit Mesh, and Mesh Display panels. However, they won't stay open if Maya shuts down, so I have go through and open them all again each time. I've made sure "automatically save layout changes," is check under my workspace options, but still no dice. There has to be a way to get this to work so any help on this would be much appreciated!



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Does saving preferences after you have the layout the way you want it (screen cap down below)

File>Save Preferences.


I believe it should be saving window positions, runtime commands, name commands and plugin preferences.

(Because after I run it, I look at Script Editor and it says that it saved those things, but once I open Maya again, it is back to default layout). So this tells  me it is not saving the preferences for some reason? 

Sorry this isn't a resolution but maybe it will help narrow down the issue, let me know because my UV Editor and UV Toolkit cannot stay docked together, no matter what I do, even checking the box under Workspaces to disable/enable docking. I put them together, check the box (disable undocking), save preferences, close Maya, then reload Maya. Open UV Editor  and UV Toolkit comes up too, but they are separated. Might be a bug or known issue, I will research.

Good luck!

Good luck!

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in reply to: cavescholar

Thanks so much for chiming in, however, saving preferences does not solve the problem. 

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in reply to: shaundunnart

Hello again,


So I was able to fix the issue I had with the docking UVtoolkit window with the UV editor window. I basically reset the preferences by renaming prefs folder. Your problem along with mine seems to be an issue with saving preferences just my thought on the matter. I remember when what you are trying to do used to work fine and would actually save with the scene file if I am not mistaken. Maybe someone else can chime in or maybe it is a bug that you can submit and be part of Maya development 🙂


Take care!

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