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Tool settings options not opening

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Tool settings options not opening

I have question regarding tool settings.   This past week I purchased a new PC with Win 10, BUT, I'm not sure if the OS is the reason behind this issue.


Earlier this evening I was working on a project when I used the Insert Edge Loop tool.   I wanted to access the  settings for this particular tool, but, the Move tool settings window kept opening instead.   I had to shut down Maya (2019) and relaunch it.  Only this way did I fix the problem, or just temporarily. 


I would like to know if anybody else has or continues to experience this problem and if so, was there a particular solution or is this just a glitch that appears from time to time? 



Thank you.

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in reply to: dersutton

Given that you recently bought a new PC the issue is likely that the window is opening, just off screen somewhere. This is a common problem when moving Maya files between PC's especially when the screen resolution, number of screen, orientation etc change. Maya still puts the new window in a place that just so happens to be off screen.


I made a vide on how to fix it:


Maya 2022 | Windows 10 | GeForce GeForce RTX 3070

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in reply to: vfxchris

Thanks for your reply.

I closed Maya and reopened it and the problem disappeared.   I'm guessing this is just a glitch as found in any 3D software.   Currently I'm using a computer with Win10 and that does not help either.   Last week after an update all my directories changed to "Read Only" and that has caused problems as well.  For example.  I can't create a new Maya project directory because it's set to "Read Only".   I'm sure my problem stems from this Windows glitch. 

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