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To avoid UV distortion without adding additional geometry

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To avoid UV distortion without adding additional geometry

I am trying to unwrap this cushion and i can see some uv distortion in the edges. It can be solved with adding supporting edges but i want to limit the poly count in the right-side cushion i used the option preserve edges and corners but is there any other way to do this.2023-12-19_18-38.png 

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Yeah without adding another loop is not going to get any better,  you are already using the best settings, what you can do is delete the bottom of the cushion since is never going to be seen and use those saved polygons for another edge loop somewhere.

Also there are 2 Ngons you could clean up on your mesh and also you could improve the seam on the top cushion, it looks like it should be lower.

Also limiting polygon count these days is not that crucial specially for such simple prop.

If this is for game, then you can even delete the actual modeled seams and bake from a high poly instead.

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