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Textures with transparent elements rendering opaque

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Textures with transparent elements rendering opaque

I have a model I want to render. I made a separate mesh to create a sort of wig with her hair texture. The wig texture is a png with transparencies. The transparent parts are not rendering correctly. The transparency isn't showing. I also have glowing swirls on her to represent pressure points on the body representing acupressure zones. They are rendering as glowing circles but they should render as glowing spirals with transparent areas inside the circle having 0 opacity. I attached the example images to show the problem areas. The areas are showing correctly in my viewports, it is only when I try to render my animation frames when the areas are rendering incorrectly. I tried messing with settings in Arnold and with the textures in material editor. I don't know what settings can work. I really don't know how to fix this. I tried so many different settings. 

The first attached image shows a opaque green dot without the swirl. I need the swirl to show like in the next attached image.  The next problem is that the helmet hair isn't rendering to show the 0 opacity under her hair locks which I need to show her hairline. I do not prefer to use Arnold over other renderers, I just want to find the best solution to make my scene look best. If I can make it work rendering in Maya Software this is fine. I do like the soft dark lighting I set up with the area lights. I am using a surface shader for the swirls with out matte opacity as a png.  


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