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Textures not working when importing from Substance Painter to Maya

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Textures not working when importing from Substance Painter to Maya



My textures that I created in Substance is not working when I transfer them into Maya. What it's doing, my textures seems to somehow create a weird effect, like they'd all appeared shiny and warped. I haven't the slightest clue how to fix it, please help!


I sent an image as an attachment.



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Are there uvs on the mesh?

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What I've done was That I've unwrapped it, delete all it's history and froze all transformations before exporting as an FBX file. I've imported it to Substance Painter and baked all my low poly as high poly mesh in order to get my materials to function properly, especially smart materials. I exported them back to Maya with some alterations I made in photoshop, and it turned out like this. My first initial reaction was that all my file paths were broken, so I had a check and my shade paths were broken. I don't know how to fix that, so I exported my car and imported it back to Maya and it still happens. I don't know it's a graphics issue, I shouldn't since I run a RTX 2080Ti, i79700K and 32GB RAM.


This is a very low poly project, 2600 tris, it should be easy to handle.


I'll send my UV screenshot.


I hope there's a solution out there.



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