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Textures baked incorrect, broken. Substance painter doesn't bake mesh maps properly.

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Textures baked incorrect, broken. Substance painter doesn't bake mesh maps properly.

I've created model of the guitar in Maya, grouped everything in outliner, created UV map, assigned one lambert to the first file "guitar_low" and other 6 lamberts to the file "guitar_high" than exported them to 2 fbx files, named as "guitar_low" and "guitar_high". Then I uploaded file "guitar_low", before baking I uploaded "guitar_high" to "High Definition meshes" and this is a result, something went wrong. Before exporting I've deleted all the history in maya and freezed meshes, I've tried to bake each file individually, but nothing has changed. Please help, I'm trying to fix it all the week... If you know how to solve this problem, please describe in as much detail as possible how to solve it. Thanks.

wrong baked 1wrong baked 1"guitar_low""guitar_low""guitar_high""guitar_high"wrong baked 2wrong baked 2

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And what is wrong here? Thickness should look like this.

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The problem is that the textures were baked crookedly, some stripes formed in random places in the first screenshot, smudges on the guitar body on the last one, everything should be uniform, but it turned out very crooked. As a result, now my color is also superimposed on the textures crookedly, and some polygons I can't add color at all with a black mask.


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Without your scene its really hard to see whats going on. 

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The problem was in incorrect UV, so I have just tried to make a new one and it hepled

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