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System requirements Enough to Run Maya - Is this close enough?

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System requirements Enough to Run Maya - Is this close enough?

It's hard to nail down the exact requirements and I am hoping someone knows if this system will be able to manage running Maya so I don't have to spend thousands on a new laptop for my daughter.


Here are the specs (weakness appears to be in graphics chip - close but just off the list).


Windows 10 Home Edition (not sure if I need Professional or not)

HP DV6 i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20Ghz

16 Gb ram

240 gb SSD Drive - 60 gb free

Intel HD Graphics 3000 (internal)


So if anyone can let me know if the above specs will work it would be greatly appreciated!!


Many thanks all,




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in reply to: pubYMYEX

Hi @pubYMYEX and welcome to the community!

The GPU is definitely on the weaker side but it will run Maya albeit not as smoothly as it could. It depends on what your daughter plans to do with Maya but having a dedicated GPU is always recommended.


Here you can find out certified GPU list and find one that works with a laptop and will fit your budget.


Let me know if you need any more information!

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Can my Dell Inspiron 15 run all the products in Maya without any issue.  My system has 16GB of RAM and NVIDIA Graphics GTX 960 4GB dedicated 

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