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Super slow Hypershade in Maya 2022.3 - Solution

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Super slow Hypershade in Maya 2022.3 - Solution

I've been experiencing some issues with the Hypershade Window taking up to 30 seconds to open, every time I open it.

Wiping my preferences would resolve the issue, but it kept coming back, so I was sure it was related to something I set in my Preferences, since none of my co-workers experienced the same issue.

Well, I finally figured out what the source of the problem is.
I like to set the "Default Project" and "Always Start in this Project" locations to the root of our Data repository, so that File Open and File Save dialogs always start somewhere relevant.
It turns out that the Hypershade also pays attention to this location - it has a tab named "Projects", and what this Tab will do, everytime the Hyerpshade is opened, is scan all subfolders of the Default Project location for Maya files.
It was this file scan that was causing the super slowdown.

So I deleted the Projects Tab from Hypershade and problem solved.

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Right ! Thank you so much we found also on our side 

After many attemps to found ! i think it is really good for everyone in forum and elsewhere

The slowness of the hypershade comes from MAYA_APP_DIR/projects/

there is multiple arnold_stats.# json files

if you remove the project stored under MAYA_APP_DIR ( local user project )

HyperShade is instantly loaded now !!

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in reply to: rkovach

The real reason for the hypershade being soooo slow is that its rotten to its core and nothing done about it since 1998 AD.

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in reply to: BurkhardRammner

The slowness encountered here is much more a bug, it is the collection of arnold_stats.#.json 
probably beoing parsed by the hypershade making more than 4 minutes to open, removing stat files then instant load.
You are right about the "hypershade since 1998" 😄 , i worked for Alias Wavefront at this time on maya 1.0 on Irix.

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in reply to: visu

...I was afraid of being the last relic of an ancient Maya civilisation, lol...

Anyway, doesn't make much sense still making fire with a flintstone.

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in reply to: rkovach

Lets hope lookDevx doesnt take an other year to show up.


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