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Substance Painter Maps not working (Maya 2020, Windows 10)

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Substance Painter Maps not working (Maya 2020, Windows 10)

So I've tried fixing this problem for the past 3 Days and I just dont know what to do anymore.I've created some UV Maps for a model I have to do for university, exported them as FBX and textured them in Substance Painter. As you can see in the attached photo everything looks fine there(bump mapping, metalness etc).
I export it with the Arnold Template and get my 4 maps that I want (BaseColor, Metalness,Roughness,Normal)..Now when I connect them to a new aiStandardSurface Material and start the Arnold Renderview the only thing that you can see a bit is the roughness, no metalness and especially no normals.
The weirdest thing is that it worked ONCE with the golden bar at the top (photo attached) There, the normal maps as well as the metalness are just as I wanted. I really dont know whats the problem because I didnt do anything different as far as I remember. Could it be a problem with exporting the textures in Substance Painter or is it Arnold/Maya?
In the photos I used the big gear as an example but its the same with every other object that I textured. I hope someone can help me because this is just getting on my nerves
Substance Painter Viewport.pngTexture_Leiste_Nodes.pngTexture_Zahnrad_Nodes.pngArnold RenderView.png
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Two things:

Are you bringing your normal maps as "Raw" under the file nodes color management setting?

You're pulling data from your alpha channel from the file nodes, did you check your "luminance to alpha" on those nodes?


A file would be really helpful if you're still having issues. As from what you've shown in the images everything is set up correctly.

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I fixed it and now got all the color spaces correct! It finally works! My lighting might have been one of the problems too though. I had a standard skydomelight and now looked at it with an hdri image!

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Ah, ya that'll do it as well.

I'd recommend nearly never using the default skydome white. Look dev and even modeling need proper lights so you can see your assets in contex.

Try to use whatever lights will be in your final shot and when that's not done use an HDRI. I have a few in a handy location so I can always load them easily into my shots.


Glad you solved it!

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