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Subdivision mode missing from channel box

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Subdivision mode missing from channel box

I have 2011 Maya version and I am having problems with the subdivision mode located under the Channel box. Every time when I create a new polygon shape the subdivision mode doesn't show up. Last week everything was perfect, I could create any shape, add and subtract division easily but now that mode disappeared. Without that feature my modeling work became harder. Does anybody have any idea why the subdivision mode from the channel box disappeared in Maya?

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Did you ever figure out why?  I'm having the same problem now.

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This posting is 6 years old...  Smiley Very Happy


Anyhow this forum is for installation and licensing issues for Autodesk product.  Not a forum to seek assistance about a given Autodesk Application.  You should be asking this in the Maya forum.  I will have the moderator move it to better suit your needs.

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Thank you.  I was brought here by google as I searched for a solution to my problem.  I realized it was old, but had the hope that the person would remember the solution.  Obligatory:


It turns out the Subdivision counts are in the Inputs section.  So I need to click on polyCubeX in the Inputs section of the Channel Box / Layer Editor, and then it displayed all the fields I wanted to edit, including subdivision counts.

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The Subdivision Height and Width options aren't available to me anymore. They aren't in the Attribute Editor or the Channel Box. I've had to resort to the Multi-Cut Tool for about 5 months but I've finally decided to get official help on it. The version I use is Autodesk Maya 2019.3.1-Student Version

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make sure history is turned on when creating objects!


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