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Student used student version for a project

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Student used student version for a project

I am mentoring a new student who is learning animation and he has a question I don't know the answer to. He made a model for a small sum of money in the past, but he just realized he used a student version to do so. He is an honest kid and is mortified he didn't realize it was wrong. He wants to make it right, but he is not sure what to do at this point since it was in the past.  Do you have experience with this?

Thank you for your advice.


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in reply to: roseST9QG

there is no reason for him to not to know that student licenses cannot be used for profit

this is all of the student website & his teacher should have also explained this to him

he wants to make it right he needs to subscribe to Maya

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in reply to: roseST9QG

There's no need for the condescending reply, Ryan.  It's unpleasant and not helpful.


Maya's student licensing is pretty ugly, and I don't know if there's a nice, "correct" solution.  The best I can offer is: if it's available in your country, pick up a copy of Maya Indie, which does allow commercial use, and stick to that.  If he's acting in good faith and he's now paying for a license, I can't imagine AD's lawyers actually going after a new student who's learning to use their software and who might have a potential career in it in the future.


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in reply to: zewt

Thank you for your thoughts! I wasn't aware of the Maya Indie version and I will let him know.


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