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Student License to Commercial License Asset Conversion

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Student License to Commercial License Asset Conversion

I have a question about software licensing for, in this instance, Maya 2016. I assume though, this would apply to all Autodesk software.
My question is whether or not it is possible to, in some way, convert assets developed in the student version of Maya so as to be viable for commercial by using the commercial version of Maya.
For example, suppose a user is prototyping a project and is using a student version of Maya to develop content. The user has the intent to retail the completed project, but of course there is a need to ensure all assets are commercially viable. If the user purchases a commercial license of Maya, are there steps they could take to avoid recreating every individual asset.
Thank you,
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Hello @Anonymous,


Thank you for being a part of the community. This is a product specific question that would best be answered on the Maya forum.


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There is no legal process to convert EDU content to commercial content.  There isn't a direct tracking system that is publicly known of (there used to be the famous "Produced by an educational product" watermark in older versions), so its mostly an honor system.  If there's reason to suspect the EDU license is being abused e.g. a business "hires out" a couple of students to do the work so they don't have to purchase the license it could potentially show up in a license audit.  And if clients get wind that you aren't respecting the terms of your software licensing they probably won't trust you to honor their intellectual property either.


Short version: respect the intent of the license even if there are ways around it.  You'll be better off for it.

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