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Student and Hardware purchase question...

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Student and Hardware purchase question...

Sorry if this is a stupid question...... but I'm not familiar at ALL with MAYA.  Here goes....


Needing to purchase new laptop for my daughter for college (old laptop is starting to give her troubles).  She is a junior and studying animation, etc and has been using Maya Student Version. 


My question is in regards to laptop screen size / aspect ratio.


Because of the issues with actually getting / finding anything computer related right now with supply chain issues, one of the only laptops we can find that has all the best hardware available (Intel i9, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, 32GB DDR4 Ram, 2 TB Hard Drive) has a 16" Screen with 16:10 aspect ratio (QHD monitor with 2560x1600 resolution).


We had previously already purchased a 27" external monitor (HP Omen 27i QHD 2560x1440) for her to use with her old laptop (15") and they are both 16:9 aspect ratio. 


Will the new laptop with 16:10 (2560x1600) give her any troubles while using Maya in conjunction with an external monitor that is 16:9 (2560x1440)?


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