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Stray hair and artefacts on Xgen description

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Stray hair and artefacts on Xgen description

Hello, I'm trying xgen for the first time, and there seems to be a small issue with the description I'm currently working on. There's a strand of hair at the top of the head that shouldn't be there. It's above the scalp and doesn't seem to be related to any particular guides.


There are also some mystery locator-like transforms above the head. These are visible when I select  "BobHairModel_MainHair" in the outliner. I'm not sure what this node is called, but in the outliner, the hierarchy is "collection>>description>>BobHairModel_MainHair" 

If I create a clumping modifier and go to "setup maps" then I also get a column of mysterious artifacts between the bad strand and the mystery transforms. 







I can't see anything on the underlying mesh that would be causing this, and I'm not sure what the locators/transforms actually are, can anyone tell me what's likely to be causing this?

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Without testing the scene myself its hard to say. But is your scalp mesh also triangulated? If yes use a quad mesh. XGen is based on ptex and ptex does not work well with triangles.

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Thanks, I started a new scene and made sure I was using a quad mesh. I've encountered plenty of other bugs since in Maya 2022, but so far nothing like this.

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