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sound not playing or showing up

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sound not playing or showing up

see screenshot attached. I have my sound selected, it's set to play back real time, but no waveform in the timeline and no sound.


This was working fine yesterday






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in reply to: timaging

Hi @timaging


Have you tried re importing the sound file?


If that doesn't work, could you try opening a new empty Maya scene and see if the sound file works there?


Let me know if anything changes!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

re-importing seems to work… in general I’m having issues with the mac version. Did you see my post on animating from Point A to B? That one is a killer for me because I need to duplicate this animations and they keep breaking.

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in reply to: timaging

Hi @timaging


Glad this worked for you! I haven't seen that thread but I'll go take a look at it!

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I tried many things Audio not playing with play controls only plays while scrubbing the timeline



I have this problem I imported .wav file audio for lip-sync animation. The audio is not playing with the play controls in Maya. 


My settings are

frame rate = 24fps

playback speed = 24fps x 1


Maya 2020 student version. 


Can you please help with this is for a college project.






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in reply to: timaging

I am having the exact same problem.  I have the proper playback speed.  I can scrub and hear the audio, but not when I click the play button.  It's manageable but really annoying.

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in reply to: timaging

I have the same problem, with trial version of Maya 2020. Audio doesn't play back when I click play - only plays when I scrub the timeline.

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Change the evaluation mode from DG to Parallel and should work.



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Thank you for this !! I was getting really frustrated and couldn't find the solution anywhere and this solved my audio problem !! Thank you! 

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in reply to: sean.heasley

I have the same problem, however your solution doesn't help. Do you have any other options? I am working in Maya 2020

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in reply to: lizasmolinec

try right clicking the timeline and going down to sound and make sure your sound is selected. and then in preference settings go to animation under settings and change the evaluation mode from DG to Parallel and see if that helps if you haven't already fixed the issue.

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I had the same problem. What worked for me was changing the playback speed. Make sure your playback speed is set to 24 fps, not every frame. You can find it under Preferences, Time Slider, Playback.

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in reply to: lizasmolinec

i found another question.        try right clicking the timeline and going down to Playback speed → real time

but today is2023 i think you've solved it

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