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Some Maya UI issues

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Some Maya UI issues

There's some UI issues I met when I am studying Maya 2023.2 on Windows 10. If they are confirmed as bugs, can you help to report to Maya developers?

1. the Select Tool can't reset

I opened Select Tool's Tool Settings and messed up the settings a little bit. After that I want to reset the settings by clicking Reset Tool. However nothing is reset.
P.S. Reset Tool on other tools like Move, Rotate and Scale worked fine.

the Select Tool optionsthe Select Tool options


2. Mesh Display > Harden Edge problem

When you select Mesh Display > Harden Edge, Maya add a node polySoftEdge1 to a object. The problem is that when you select this node in the INPUTS section of Channel Box to adjust the Angle value by clicking the text box and left mouse button drag, its value can only be changed to a maximum of 3. For comparison, when you click the attribute name and middle mouse button drag, its value can be changed to a maximum of 180, which is normal.

You can see the attached video.

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in reply to: jjbbqq

Typically, interface issues can be resolved by deleting your user preferences.
There is also an option under the 'Help' menu to submit bugs:

Regarding the polySoftEdge issue - I'm having no problem here slide-scaling the value to 180.

Try wiping your userPrefs and try again.

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in reply to: n8skow

Hi n8skow,
1. Thanks for the reply. I am aware of deleting prefs folder to reset Maya settings, actually I delete this folder very frequently. However, delete prefs only to reset the selection tool settings? This is only a workaround, not a solution.
2. The Feeback > Report a Problem thing will turn into a webpage of "Product feedback", which is not a bug report. After tried support cases, forum for a few days, I know that Autodesk team is busy and for an Maya indie user, it's very difficult to have their attention. So next time when I met a standard issue which is not critical issue and have workaround available, I will not waste my time trying to tell them there's a minor bug.
3. I have no issue slide the value to 180 too, when click and MMB drag the attribute name. But the limit is set to 3 when you slide the value text box with LMB.

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