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Some leaves rendering black Arnold

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Some leaves rendering black Arnold

I'm thinking of getting xfrog plant bundles so im messing with the trial tree and rebuilding the FBX using arnold shaders.  


As you see, some of the leaves are rendering black, why is this?  


Also, any advice on how to more quickly remap FBX files?  



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in reply to: JacksonLamme

The ray depth slider in render settings under "arnold renderer" tab goes up to 16 but that didn't solve so I manually typed in 100 on all ray depth fields and that solved the problem.

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in reply to: JacksonLamme

Each tree has to be manually optimized, inspected, cleaned, shaders have to be adjusted( you can save presets and reuse) and many texture files are not needed and can be excluded so fewer files are loaded into memory.You can then organize your tree library with ready to use files and over the years the rest will be updated as well.

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in reply to: damaggio

After careful consideration I decided I would go with paint effects for the trees.  They have infinite variations and already animated.  Also if you save as .ass it automatically caches the animation which is nice.  I was looking at xfrog, houdini, and speedtree, which I may try at a later date.  The library is off to a good start!  

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