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Some iterations of file will not open

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Some iterations of file will not open

I have a file that seems to be corrupted.  As I work, I save iterations.  I've been finding that every now and then, an iteration won't open, typically the most recent and the farthest along.  Therefore I'll be working, save a new iteration for the day, and find that the most recent file won't open, but an earlier file will.  


I'm using Animbot for animation, I have two references in the scene - A rigged Panther and a complex environment with textures. 


I've attached two files to this post: - This file does not work. - This file does work.  --NOTE-- This file has references that I was unable to include due to file size restraint. 


Thanks for your help.



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Use .mb for the scenes with referenced assets.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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Thanks for the response!


I renamed the prefs file but unfortunately the problem is still there.  And it's not the Ascii format that's causing it - the problem exists in the Maya Binaries as well.  I'm unable to replicate the problem, as it only happens every now and then to certain iterations.  It seems random.  


I've been working with this specific animation for a long time, since last summer.   I put it down for a few months, but picked it back up last week.  That's when the problems started.   



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