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Should i make the high poly mesh for the eyes and then retopo them?

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Should i make the high poly mesh for the eyes and then retopo them?

When modeling a character for animation, the high poly should include things like the eyeballs or the inner mouth (teeth, gums, tounge)? or should i do this separetly while doing the retopo?

If i understand correctly, doing it while retopo meens that those things won't have anything to be baked on from the high poly mesh right?  My main concern would be the eyeballs, since those are always visible

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im no expert, for facial animation and rigging the most important things are following a plan, you have to have an idea of what your doing, before you jump in there, some of the pre planning is edge flow, edge flow needs to happen in certain errors for deformations to work properly, so you got orbital muscles going around the eyes and mouth, start with few polygons, use those to shape, then add edge loops when you need more resolution, as for the eyeballs, its just a simple sphere,

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Why would you make a high poly model of a sphere or retopo it? Eyeballs  are separate objects obviously with cornea and sclera, and can be realistic or stylized ,the tongue should be a separate object, teeth are separate, nails , gum and throat is part of the head model and should be modeled carefully from the inside. If your character is cartoon, the high poly is just the smooth version of your low poly for animation , for realistic characters if there's a need for sculpting details then you need the high poly from the sculpt to bake your maps, also for game characters you'll need to bake the maps to a very low poly animation rig. This is just an average approach, if you are really interested in doing a usable and portfolio animation character I would recommend taking a modeling class on the subject.Also you didn't provide any pictures of your character so I can't give a more specific workflow.

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