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Should Be Simple... Setting Bookmark, Locator or Reference Point for group of selected Edges/Verts/Faces?

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Should Be Simple... Setting Bookmark, Locator or Reference Point for group of selected Edges/Verts/Faces?

I was wondering if there is a way to create a group of vertices, edges or faces and somehow create a reference point or attach them to some kind of locator so they can be referenced at a later point. I want to be able to select a group of edges, model them and then move on to another task within Maya and have some kind of reference point so I can go back to the original group and not have to select them individually every time I want to work on that group of edges, faces or vertices, is this possible? I will post a picture shortly to this post so you can see an example of a specific group of edges that I would like to set a reference point or locator for.

Thank you in advance,

Jordan P.

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you can add them under a selection set. If maya's own selection sets dont allow for components (i honestly cant remember) its fairly straightforward to write your own. The following script isn't ideal but should be helpful.

import maya.cmds as mc
# use flatten flag to get full name of every component as apposed to condensed splices.
selectedComponents =,flatten=True,ln=True)
# build a selection script from the components
selectionString = 'import maya.cmds as mc;\"'+'", "'.join(selectedComponents)+'")'
# print that script to allow user to create a shelf button from it.
print selectionString

If you select any objects or components, run that script and in the script editor history you should see printed python code (will be long as it asks for the longnames of every selected object/component) that you can copy and create a shelf button from (Python script).

If you were interested in a more dynamic approach (ie click shelf button once to store selection, and double click shelf button to select that last stored selection) let me know and i'll write one up.
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You can do this with edges, (it's a start)  in the Crease Set Editor


Windows/Editors/Modeling Editors/Crease Set


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